ING credit transfers, direct debits and reporting

Account reporting

ING provides a range of account reporting products and services. They can be used by our clients not only to optimise their transaction reconciliation processes, but also to improve their cash management processes. For example by assisting in realising better returns on intra-day investments, limiting short-term lending and managing liquidity risks.

Electronic reporting services include ‘End of day’, ‘Intraday’ and ‘Special’ reporting, available in various formats based on (international) standards.

End of day and Intraday reporting
Through ‘End of day’ or ‘Intraday’ reporting’ services, ING offers balance and transaction information provided to the client on a daily or interval basis, through electronic bank account statements. These statements contain all mutations that have been processed and booked during a business day or a specific timeslot, including opening and closing balances.

Special reporting

In addition to the camt.053 and camt.052 ING also offers the camt.054 account statement. This is a multi-purpose XML format for reporting debit and credit notifications, with a similar structure as camt.052 and camt.053. It should be considered as an addition to the camt.053, not as an alternative.

Multibank reporting
Clients who have accounts held at other banks can opt to receive MT940/942 statements from those banks into ING’s channel offering or vice versa.

Supported account reporting formats

  • ISO20022 XML (camt.053, camt.052, camt.054)
  • SWIFT FIN messages (MT940, MT942)
  • Local formats e.g. CODA and AFB120
  • PDF


More information about the reporting formats can be obtained via our local country offices or a local account manager. Contact details are available on